Sunday, 23/2/2020
Regarding the state economic group in Vietnamafter nearly 5 years of pilot operation
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Pursuant to the 2005 Law on Enterprises, 12 state economic groups have been established in Vietnam so far by two methods: 1, Reorganization of state corporations and systems of independent enterprises of the same business field. The Vietnamese economic groups have much contributed to develop the economy and accelerate industrialization and modernization of the country in nearly 5 years of operation. They have instituted an important element in the state regulation and direction of the economy. They are an important force helping the state to keep national security, strengthen national defense, protect national sovereignty, guarantee energy and food security and preserve the environment. Vietnamese economic groups are also a force that is implementing, together with the government and society, the welfare programs for the community. In the new period, in order to provide sustainability to the development of state economic groups in Vietnam, focus should be made on the combined measures to be taken: for example the State must draft an overall development strategy of the state economic groups and carry out regular restructuring of business. Moreover, focus should be made on the key economic areas. Internal economic competition must be deviated. Capital concentration and accumulation must be boosted. Enterprises of all economic sectors would be encouraged to make mix investment through accelerated equitization and restructuring of capital (on the ground that the state economy will hold the key role in the important economic fields).

Đinh La Thang