Sunday, 23/2/2020
Theoretical bases and practice of not organising the peoples councils at the urban district, rural distric and urban ward levels
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The achievements gained in the over- one - year theoretically well grounded practice of not maintaining the people's councils of the rural and urban districts and wards have confirmed the soundness of the Partys and States reforms aimed at improving organization and perfection of grassroots authority. The achievement of the set goals, the fulfillment of the requirements, and the successful solution of the tasks all have helped accelerate the reforms for perfecting the local power apparatus, enhancing the urban and rural authority, making the state apparatus unified and efficient. The democratic centralism principle in management and administration of the peoples committees has been correctly implemented. Initiative and obligations of the heads of the administrative bodies were simultaneously promoted. The supervision and inspection over the state bodies activities in the rural and urban districts and wards have been increased. The democratic rights of citizens have been improved. Political security, social safety and social order are secured. Society and the economy have continued to be firm and developed and the Partys leadership is enhanced and strengthened.

Van Tat Thu