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Developing the culture industry, enhancing competitiveness of culture in the new period
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Our Party has repeatedly asserted that cultural development is an important matter because culture now is both a driving force and a goal of social development. Culture is a soft power, a significant component of the national synergy. We must implement a strategy of cultural development in order to improve competitiveness of Vietnamese culture in the world. The key developmental trend of our country is boosting cultural prosperity and economic development through creation and dissemination of cultural products. For such a goal, the following combined measures must be implemented: 1, Studying and timely issuing policies and legislation to guide the development of culture; 2, Improving the system of enterprises; forming a model of modern business management; 3, Making the best allocation of resources to promote the formation of great groups in the cultural industry; 4, Forming tight relations between the market and cultural development; 5, Increasing expertise of cultural services; 6, Renovating the current format of cultural international exchange to bring Vietnamese culture to the world.

Mai Hai Oanh