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Self-criticism and criticism should start from the most fundamental issues
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According to the author, Ho Chi Minh President’s teachings on self-criticism and criticism should be strictly implemented. President Ho Chi Minh said “Democratic, consistent and strict self-criticism and criticism within the Party are the best methods to strengthen and develop unity and unanimity of the Party. Criticism should be made from the top to lower levels, from lower levels to the top, and from the people to the Party. The higher levels should carry out self-criticism first and criticism and self-criticism must be the key measures.

Reviewing the Party’s leadership of the revolution of Viet Nam, especially over the past years, the author confirmed that the Party has been fully aware of the role of self-criticism and criticism. But, there remain errors and constraints in self-criticism and criticism. Thus self-criticism and criticism has been distorted and given less attention to in some places. Fully aware of this situation and prompted by imperative demands of Party building, on 16 January 2012, the Party Central Committee adopted Resolution 12-NQ/TW on “Some urgent issues on Party building at present”, identifying self-criticism and criticism as important solution to overcome weaknesses and constraints in Party building, and degradation in ethics and lifestyle of certain Party cadres and members./.

Tran Dinh Huynh