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Democratic thinking of Ho Chi Minh
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Ho Chi Minh put forth a succinct and brief theory which depicts the nature of democracy: people are masters and people exercise their mastership. In Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, democracy plays an extremely prominent position. He did not only leave behind a theoretical system of profound and modern concepts and points of view but also practical set of model example on democratic practice. Fully aware of the power of the people, Ho Chi Minh confirmed the power of democracy as a potential power ideological and social liberation which would result in the people’s creativity, talent , initiatives and rich resources needed for progress and development. Fully imbued with this comprehensive and practical point of view, Ho Chi Minh pointed to the necessity to show concern to all aspects of life and to harmonize political, economic, social and cultural relations. The overall democracy content in democracy principle is centralized democracy and respect for organizations, the people and personality. These are also typical characteristics of democratic culture of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology./.

Hoang Chi Bao, Prof. PhD, Central Council for Theory