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People’s ownership of land: an issue which needs resolute implementation
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The mechanism of people’s ownership is confirmed by the 1992 Constitution: the State is the representative of land ownership and authorities at all levels exercise the rights to management and decision of which the rights to change purposes of land use and land acquisition are important. In recent years, incorrect understanding and application of the mechanism of people’s ownership of land by some authorities have led to waste of land, damages to land users and fierce contradictions and negative practices and suspicion about the mechanism of people’s ownership of land.

To strengthen the mechanism of people’s ownership of land and effectively use land resource, it is necessary to set up suitable management system accompanied by correct and stable legal framework and policies together with efficient management apparatus, capable human resource to ensure good land planning and maximum use and exploitation of land and to solve contradictions and conflicts in this area, to prevent negative and corruptive practices relating to land and to contribute to economic development and fast and sustainable economic growth./.

Nguyen Minh TuanPhD, Dean of Politial Theory Dept., University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City