Thursday, 25/4/2019
  • “Arab Spring” inspires thoughts about social networks management

    Looking back at the last two years since the “Arab Spring” swept across the Middle East and North Africa provoking anti-government demonstrations, it can be seen that one of the main reasons was the huge impact social networks have had on political life inside and outside the “Arab Spring” countries. Being aware of the impact of social networks helps us work out appropriate management tools to protect political and social stability, especially with hostile forces hectically promoting “peaceful evolution” by more sophisticated means.

  • Different options for Viet Nam in the international integration

    Internationalization and globalization are objective development trends of the time and by all means are decided by the increasingly development of production forces. International integration is the subjective behavior of countries towards that trend. Most of countries in the world, big or small, rich or poor, should integrate to capitalize on development opportunities while understanding that there are innumerable challenges in the integration process. Viet Nam is not an exception.

  • Current international status-quo and challenges to Viet Nam

    It seems the world is witnessing five major trends with different shades. They are: restructured world economy, fundamental transition of national strength, readjusted national strategies and re-organized international relations, re-drawn regional maps and climate and environment adversity.

  • Ho Chi Minh’s points of view on some international issues

    Ho Chi Minh’s ideology on external relations is a system of view points on international issues and strategies and tactics of the Vietnamese revolution in relations to the world. Practices of the Vietnamese revolution show that in the field of international relations, Ho Chi Minh’s ideology helps raise awareness and actions of the Vietnamese people from assessment of the world situation, relations with big powers, national interest, rally of international force, forecast of opportunity and, external relation methods…

  • On foreign policies of US president in the second term (2013-2016)

    Since 20 January 2009, Mr. B.Obama assumed his presidency with a burden left behind by his predecessor: an America weak in all fields. Thus, all adjustments in internal and external policies of President B.Obama have focused on overcoming consequences left by the previous government and seeking new solutions and policies to bring America out of the bottom of the crisis and restore its role and image in the international arena.

  • Forty years of Viet Nam - Italy relations: elevated strategic partnership

    Over the past forty years since the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam (now the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam) and the Italian Republic established official diplomatic relations (23 March 1973 – 23 March 2013), bilateral relations have been consolidated and developed. With the bilateral relations elevated to strategic partnership, a new chapter has been ushered in the history of relations of the two countries and peoples.

  • International situation and implementation of our Party’s external relations

    Amid changes in international situation, policies of external relations put forth by the 11th Party Congress have been comprehensively implemented Important achievements have been made which have enhanced our country’s prestige and position in the world. Relations between Viet Nam and other countries have developed strongly in both scope and scale.

  • The Paris Agreement on Viet Nam and the stuff of Ho Chi Minh diplomacy

    The Paris Conference on Viet Nam was the longest negotiation to end the longest war in the 20th century, which took place in one country but was a focus of epochal contradictions and conflicts between national independence and socialism with imperialism and reactionary forces and between peace and war.

  • International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties and the participation of the Vietnamese Communist Party

    First organized since May 1998, “The International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties (IMCWP) has proved to be an important multilateral forum of communist and workers’ parties in the world.

  • Relations between Secretaries of Party Committees and leaders of social-political organizations

    In the revolutionary cause of Viet Nam, the decisive factor to the successful construction of the socialist Viet Nam with prosperous people, strong, equitable, democratic and civilized country is the close relation between the Party and social-political organizations. To strengthen the relation, the Secretaries of Party Committees and leaders of social-political organizations play an extremely important role.

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